Pocock Labels Climate Sceptic Arguments as ‘Bulls–t’


Canberra’s newest Senator has been forced to withdraw a statement he made about Parliament debating whether climate change is real in 2022.

Labor’s Emission’s Bill is all but set to pass after David Pocock reiterated his support for the legislation, in an agreement that will see a series of transparency and accountability tweaks.

“It seems like a pretty sad day in Australia, where in 2022, we are hearing arguments about climate science. After however long of the bullshit that Australians have had to… ” he said, before being stopped by Senator Clair Chandler who was sitting in the chair.

“That language is not parliamentary. I ask that you withdraw,” she said.

Senator Pocock then said, “I withdraw this truth.” Which was accepted after a Senator Peter Whish-Wilson interjection saying this was not the first utterance of bullshit in Senate.

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