Qantas in Canberra


There’s praise for Qantas and its reduced cancellations involving Canberra flights.

Last year, the flying Kangaroo was blasted.

It Canberra flights were seen as the worst in Australia for cancellations.

But that’s all changed, thanks to new C.E.O. Vanessa Hudson who worked on restoring the Canberra to Sydney schedule… Now, the service is being seen as one of the best.

Qantas says it’s put special effort into the route.

The turnaround follows a very public campaign by Canberra Airport’s Stephen Byron who called for improvement by the airline.

Today, he’s described the improvement as “Fantastic”.

He’s praised the work of the new Qantas C.E.O. saying the airline was committed to addressing the rate of cancellations and has delivered.

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