Rental Law Reforms


Attorney-General, Shane Rattenbury has announced the government is seeking to make the Canberra rental market fairer, and more secure with its new draft bill.

The draft has been released for public consultation.

The bill proposes to: remove no cause evictions, strengthen minimum standards for rental properties, make it easier for tenants to grow food at their rental property, and make it an offence for landlords, or agents to solicit rent bids.

Currently, landlords can terminate a lease agreement without reason by giving 26 weeks notice.

Under the reforms landlords can still terminate an agreement for legitimate reasons.

Mr Rattenbury said these reasons would include, the landlord wishing to sell the property, or move back into the house.

One of the bill’s proposed reforms will also allow for a contract to be terminated in cases where one party threatens, harasses, abuses, or intimidates the other party.


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