Top ACT Baby Names for 2022 Revealed


For the third year in a row Charlotte has been the top name for girls born in the ACT.

The name was joined by five other names that were not seen in last year’s top 10 female baby names list, in Isla, Evelyn, Zoe, Ava and Freya.

For the boys, Oliver was top of the list, with new comers Elijah, Arthur and Levi making their top 10 debuts in 2022.

The top-ranking male baby name Oliver has remained in the top 10 since 2008.

The ten top registered baby names are:

1 Charlotte
2 Isla
3 Evelyn
4 Amelia
5 Zoe
=6 Ella
=6 Hazel
=8 Ava
=8 Freya
=8 Grace
=8 Olivia

1 Oliver
2 Henry
3 William
4 Leo
5 Theodore
6 Noah
7 Arthur
=8 George
=8 Thomas
=10 Elijah
=10 Levi
=10 Lucas

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