Two men accused of drug driving face charges after trying to evade Police


Two men accused of speeding while high on drugs have been charged and appeared before the ACT Magistrates Court.

In the first incident, a 27-year-old Reid man in a silver Toyota Corolla sedan was directed to stop by police on Drakeford Drive at Greenway at about 2.40 pm yesterday afternoon.

The driver accelerated away along Drakeford Drive and collided with a stop sign at Mortimer Lewis Drive.

He was arrested and charged with a number of offences, including drug driving, failing to stop for police and dangerous driving.

In the second incident, a 39-year-old Queanbeyan man in a white Subaru Outback was signalled to stop by Police on Ainslie Avenue in Reid at about 2 o’clock this morning.

He accelerated away onto Limestone Avenue reaching speeds of more than 140 kilometres an hour.

The driver proceeded onto the northbound lanes of the Monaro Highway where road spikes were deployed.

The vehicle came to a stop and the driver attempted to run away but was apprehended.

The man will face court today on charges of drink driving, possessing drugs, failing to stop for police and other offences.

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