United Jet Stuck in Canberra


A United Airlines jet remains at Canberra Airport after the plane was diverted to the National Capital because of bad weather in Sydney.

United flight 839 – A Boeing 787 jet – took off an hour late from Los Angeles….

It was due to arrive in Sydney, just before 6:30 Monday morning.

But the international flight was diverted to Canberra… where it remains.

It’s understood,  Passengers were originally disallowed from entering the main part of the terminal, due to customs and immigration requirements

Canberra Airport and United Airlines have both been contact for clarification but at time of writing to our deadline, there’s been no response from multiple sources.

It’s not the first time a United Jet has made an unscheduled stop in the national capital…

Early last year, another 787 was diverted… but the crew timed out, meaning a fresh United Crew needed to fly-in to Canberra, for the jet to return to Sydney.

According to the Flight Aware website,  the jet will remain in Canberra overnight.


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