UPDATE: Bonza – “Profitable with new buyer”


A twist in the case of grounded airline BONZA with startling new revelations to suggest it was profitable, and was about to be sold – which may’ve angered the current owner.

“777 Partners” – based in Miami – operated the Australian low cost carrier, which reportedly had an Australian based investor that was about to take over the ownership.

But when “777 Partners” found out – it repossessed Bonza’s aircraft.

According to the Australian Aviation publication, Bradley Davren,  C.E.O.  from AVCRO – Bonza’s outsourced maintenance company, said the airline’s business model was working and there was no financial issue and no credit issues.

“They were in a position where ultimately the current owner could have just shifted that liability away from themselves and the airline would have kept moving fat, dumb and happy without issue” he said.

He continued to tell the publication, “Had the outcome come to fruition, I suspect you would have seen Bonza kick into overdrive”.

Administrators will take a few more days to complete its own investigations

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