Virgin Airlines Miracle in Canberra


For many,  losing a wallet or a purse can be a traumatic experience,  especially if you’re travelling.

Imagine, you’ve just sat down in your seat on the plane and suddenly realised your purse is missing.

That’s what happened to a passenger last Friday February 17 on a Virgin flight out of Canberra.

In a panic,  she told her nearest flight attendant,  saying she thinks it may be “…on a table in the lounge….”

The plane is still loading its passengers but messages are running back and forth between the flight attendant, chief cabin officer and Virgin’s ground crew.

Time has elapsed.  The door is on the verge of closing when a member of ground staff rushes the plane.

“We found it” explained the staffer.  ” It was exactly where the passenger said she last remembered it”.

The Virgin Airlines chief cabin officer was so relieved and the passenger was immediately reunited with her possessions.

The author of this report spoke with the passenger who did not want to be any more involved in the story,  but said she was very grateful for the Virgin Airways staff going “Above and Beyond”.

Admittedly,  such stories don’t often come with a happy ending like this.   However,  it’s a true reflection of Virgin Airways staff and a common goal of helping each other,  a bit of human kindness,  that we seldom see in this day and age – except ofcourse with Virgin Airways.

Few other airlines would go through so much – to offer such customer service.  A great win for the airline and the Canberra based staff.

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