Virgin’s Canberra Check-In Issue


Imagine rolling up to Canberra Airport to check in for your flight.

But you find the Virgin Airline counter is shut.

So much for shopping at Canberra Airport or even enjoying time at the club.  It won’t happen.

It’s not known if it’s a shift change or if Virgin is cost cutting in this situation.

It seems,  early afternoon is the worst time to arrive at Canberra Airport if you’re flying out and try to do the honourable thing of checking in early.

Check in is shut and if you have luggage, you can’t pass through security, if your bag is too big.

So,  you’re stuck outside and can’t get in.

Despite repeated requests by Virgin to “Check in early” you are denied from checking in.

You’d think in this day and age,  atleast one agent would be at the front counter as part of being compliant.

No, Eventhough passengers are doing the right thing.

It’s a catch 22 situation where by agents close the counter between morning flights and the afternoon surge,  not realising they could take the heat off that surge.

It might be Virgin’s policy,  but it’s something that needs to be re-defined when passengers are told to get to the airport early, but denied the ability to comply with the airline’s wishes.

This problem is daily at Canberra Airport.

It’s been impacting dozens of flyers in the one particular day part (after the morning rush but ahead of the afternoon peak).

It’s something that’s been raised,  but so-far, Virgin’s Canberra Airport facility has not addressed.



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