Will Bonza Head to Canberra?


Still no Canberra flights for Bonza – but what about its future in general?
The carrier was launched earlier this year with great fanfare and excitement, targetting specific Australian regional routes.
Sadly, some of those routes have now been cut and others reduced.
A common question has been: “When will Bonza fly to Canberra?”.
But with only 3 aircraft in service and a 4th being used as a back up,  Bonza still hasn’t put Canberra airport on its radar.
Canberra Airport flights have been key in the success of other airlines increasing schedules involving the national capital.
Can you imagine a direct flight between Canberra and Queensland’s Sunshine Coast?
Or perhaps filling the void left by Qantas and Jetstar on days when they don’t fly between Canberra and the Gold Coast?
…and ofcourse there are the examples of flights between Canberra and regional Victoria or New South Wales.
Bonza plans to expand its fleet later in the year.
Perhaps some A.C.T. bound traffic will be considered as part of its expansion, but for now, there’s no sign of a Canberra link.
*(NOTE: File photo supplied as part of launch from earlier this year)

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