Jun 11 2021

Opposition Lashes ChooseCBR Scheme


The Choose CBR Scheme will be paused for a further seven days, after the website was taken offline yesterday to address technical issues.

It was previously hoped it would be back online by 7am this morning.

Shadow Business Minister Leanne Castley says small businesses have told her they are watching customers walk out the door due to the glitches.

“People doing an extra little shop are getting to the checkout, trying to use the voucher, it’s not working so the customer drops their basket and walks out of the store,” Castley said.

“As a small business owner how distressing is it to watch a customer leave without their groceries?

“I’m so proud in Canberrans getting on board and wanting to be part of this scheme, unfortunately the government has failed the proper platform for it to work on.”


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