Jan 13 2019

ACT crime rates lowest in five years


ACT crime rates lowest in five years

The overall level of crimes committed in the ACT is the lowest in five years, according to new figures.

The latest ACT Policing crime statistics show there was a 13 percent decrease in offences committed in 2018, compared to 2017.

The only crime category to receive a year-on-year increase was offences against another person, including abduction, kidnapping, and harassment.

Belconnen has been black-listed as the suburb where most crime occurred in 2018, with over 10,000 offences committed in the region.

Meanwhile, the overall rate of sexual assaults dropped by 11 percent, burglaries fell by almost 18 percent and there was a 14.5 percent drop in the number of traffic infringements that were issued.

While sexual assault dropped across the territory, sexual assaults reported in Tuggeranong increased by over 30 percent between 2017 and 2018.

154 assaults occurred in Tuggeranong and Woden, while the rate in other districts fell, particularly in the inner north, by over 38 percent.

Six homicides were also recorded across the year.

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