ACCC Praises Bonza


A report card from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission shows flight delays and cancellations remain, but domestic airfares are getting cheaper.

The Parliamentary hearing report highlights the new competition from low cost carrier “BONZA” for improving conditions for travellers and making a difference in the industry.

Bonza currently does not service Canberra, however previous reports indicated talks continue between the airline and the airport.

The watchdog found 24 of 35 routes operated by Bonza were unserved by other airlines and almost all were in and out of regional destinations.

The report also featured popular journeys that were also subject to greater competition now that up to four airlines were competing on some routes, however, Qantas remained the single largest operator in the sky.

The ACCC report shows a massive rise in general dissatisfaction with customer service across the industry.

The report shows Airfares have started to come down, thanks to additional seats being offered and cheaper fuel.

The watchdog’s report card follows a string of claims last year involving Qantas at Canberra Airport.

Chief executive Stephen Byron blasted the airline in September last year, accusing it of mistreating staff and customers, and breaching contract conditions.

At the time, he called for heavier regulation to bring the national carrier “to heel”.

In his opening statement to a Senate committee the Canberra Airport boss said Qantas would further ride roughshod over consumers, competitors and suppliers until it was brought into line by stronger regulatory action.

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