Assange in Canberra


As pictured by ABC TV… JULIAN ASSANGE has arrived home in Australia, ending multiple years of legal proceedings and imprisonment for publishing sensitive American military documents.

In the words of Assange’s wife Stella… we celebrate because today, Julian is free”.

His charter jet flew from SAIPAN as seen on flight tracker 24


After stepping off the plane at Canberra airport last night he pumped his fist in the air.

Now they call for privacy as Assange recovers from the near 15 year saga.

The plea deal.. just hours earlier, getting court approval…

Assange plea guilty to publishing secret military information, but no more jail time, home in Australia.

Assange’s American lawyer BARRY POLLACK:  Hopefully this is the end, not just of the case against Assange, but the end of the case against journalism”.




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