Barr Welcomes New Vehicle Efficiency Standards


The A.C.T. Chief Minister has used social media to welcome new vehicle efficiency standards.

ANDREW BARR used Linked In to say the United States has had a similar policy in place for 50 years.

But he’s blaimed the previous Coalition Federal Government for delays in a similar policy, which he says is costing family and businesses THOUSANDS of dollars at the petrol pump.

The Chief minister says it strikes the right balance in giving us more choice while using less petrol.

The Albanese Government’s New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will push car makers to give Australian motorists more choices of new cars, utes and vans that use less fuel and that have until now only been available to buyers in overseas markets.

The Albanese Government will consult on the preferred model for a month and introduce the legislation as soon as possible, with the new cost saving rules to come into effect by 1 January 2025.

The Impact Analysis and ways to have your say are available by clicking this web link

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