Bulk Billing Figures


There’s very little change to the A.C.T.’s bulk billing rate.

Nationally, the figure on bulk billing doctors has increased to 77.7 percent.

That follows incentive changes, implemented by the Federal Government, which has led to MORE doctors returning to the bulk billing practice.

But NOT in the A.C.T. which is going against the national figure….

It’s a slight increase but not much. 52.7 percent of Canberra GP’s bulk bill

Health Minister MARK BUTLER says the Government won’t be sweetening the incentives.

A.C.T. Senator DAVID POCKOCK wants the Federal Government to review its policy on Canberra’s bulk billing doctors.

The comment follows the release of national figures that show an increase in doctors who bulk bill. But NOT in Canberra, where there’s been very little change.
Senator POCOCK says part of the problem, is that the A.C.T. has a shortage of G.P.’s.

He says there aren’t any policies or investments that would help draw more doctors to the A.C.T. – and keep them here.
Earlier this year, Senator Katy Gallagher told a Senate estimates committee, a review was in place.. and the findings are due in a couple of months.


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