Canberra Hosts Ansett Reunion Today


It’s been 22 years since the collapse of Ansett Airlines.

The shut-down was a shock to all of Australia, but no more than the staff at the airline who worked together as a family.

Lisa Dube was one of them who worked at the Canberra Airport check-in counter.

It was after 3am when she got a phone call at home saying she didn’t have to go to work because the airline had collapsed.

She disregarded that phone call and got dressed for work. Lisa and her colleagues still appeared at Canberra airport eventhough they were unable to do their job. They atleast were feeling pride in what they were doing.

In an interview with Capital Radio News, Lisa said, “There were whispers that that was trouble, but no one ever thought it would actually ever come to that”.

Today –  Saturday September 23, a reunion is being held for Ansett’s former Canberra Airport staff at the Mercure Hotel from 3:30pm.

“There’ll be a lot of hugging and kissing” according to Lisa.

“A box of about 50 items of Ansett memorabilia will be given away on the day”.

Many former staffers are now employed at other aviation outlets within the sector, here in Canberra.

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