Canberra Rentals


There’s a mixed bag of results for renters in the A.C.T.

On one hand, Canberra has become the 2nd most affordable capital for renters in the country with an average household income.

However, pensioners and those on benefits appear to have been priced out of the market.

A new report on rental affordability has found median rents have dipped slightly in the A.C.T. Over the past year, but only to what’s considered as “Acceptable” levels.. mainly in outer suburbs like Tuggeranong and Gungahlin.. for those with an annual income in excess of 126-thousand dollars.

Suburbs in central Canberra are considered as “Moderately Un-affordable”.

Those on a low income, including students and pensioners, the report found every suburb in Canberra was rated as “Unaffordable” or “Extremely Un-affordable”.

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