Chief Minister Updates A.C.T. Infrastructure Plan


The latest sector update to the ACT Infrastructure Plan has been released, outlining the investments to be made in city services, recreation, and community facilities across Canberra as the Government looks at the city growing to 500,000 people and beyond.

The City Services, Recreation and Community Facilities sector update captures infrastructure investment that will help enhance local amenity, support community recreation, and enable the delivery of community, justice and emergency services for the Territory.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr says this section of the plan has a strong focus on accessible, well-planned and high-quality infrastructure that holds together everyday life in our suburbs, focusing on the provision of local playgrounds, parks and public amenity, library, recreation and community facilities, as well as municipal and emergency services.

Investments in precinct renewal, public amenity and recreation infrastructure include:

1. Tuggeranong Foreshore improvements

2. Group Centre upgrades in Charnwood, Kippax and Dickson.

3. New and upgraded dog parks and

4. The historic Sydney and Melbourne Buildings precinct revitalisation

5. Acton Waterfront

Investment in Community Facilities Infrastructure include:

1. New Community Centres in Gungahlin, Woden and Coombs

2. Molonglo Library and Community Facility

3. New facility for Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation in Tuggeranong and

4. A new RSPCA facility.

Justice and emergency services infrastructure updates include:

1. Emergency services in the Molonglo Valley

2. A new fire and ambulance station in Acton

3. Joint Emergency Service Centre in Gunghalin

4. ACT Policing Headquarters and City Station

5. Improvements at the Alexander Maconochie Centre

These investments in infrastructure are additional to the Government’s significant investment in recent years in essential city services that Canberrans rely on each day, including record new investments in road and path maintenance and a rapid response mowing team.

The infrastructure plan is a clear indication that the Government prioritises investment in city services and is forward planning to ensure infrastructure meets the needs of Canberra’s growing community.

The Infrastructure Plan sets out a long-term vision to build Canberra’s future, with updates to the plan being released progressively for seven sectors.

Updated plans for the health, education and entertainment, arts and sport sectors have been released.


(Cover Pic – Andrew Barr – photo supplied with courtesy of ALP copyright free – no royalties)

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