Community Organisation Raises Concern Over Territory Plan Changes


The ACT Government has been accused of a lack of vision and foresight following the release of it’s new Territory Plan.

Community organisations are concerned that small technical details, like full lease variation charges, could deter Canberrans from taking advantage of dual-occupancy changes.

Greater Canberra Convener Howard MacLean says his organisation has concerns about the RZ1 approach from the government.

“There’s going to be a limited take up as a result, which is disappointing because we had an opportunity to make a large change in this territory plan,” Mr Maclean said.

“Instead we went with one of the smallest changes in RZ1 that you could imagine.”

Greater Canberra has raised a number of issues following the release of the document, including what appears to be a drafting error, leading to massive downzoning in high density residential zones.

The new Territory Plan also appears to reject the 2004 Woden Town Centre Master Plan, which had envisioned the eventual introduction of mixed use residential, similar to Lonsdale Street in Braddon.

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