Jetstar Failure – 48 Hour Delay


Jetstar says passengers have arrived home in Melbourne after a lengthy mechanical issue in Singapore, after a flight from Cambodia.

One passenger has told talkback radio, they were supposed to travel on Saturday.

“Each night I’ve been put on a flight for the following day, had to wait at the airport all day without any food vouchers and, when it gets to the flight time, we’ve been told it’s cancelled and they’ll put me on a flight tomorrow”

She said she was “really, really disappointed” with Jetstar’s communication and said passengers had been left waiting on the floor for “hours and hours” to speak to a Jetstar staff member.

This incident she describes is a common threat with disappointment when Jetstar suffers an Irregular Operation.
This reporter has been campaigning for more than a year,  for the airline to ensure airport staff handle these types of situations but instead, it prefer impacted passengers call the airline’s reservation number instead, avoiding a smooth fix at the airport.

The talkback caller said she was most disappointed by Jetstar’s suggestion that passengers book with another airline to travel home, with fares reportedly starting from $3,000.

In a statement, Jetstar has apologised for the delay and said it was due to an engineering issue and that all passengers have been provided accommodation and a $200 Jetstar voucher, however the information differs from the claims raised by the talkback caller.

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