Lehrmann Takes Legal Action


Bruce Lehrmann is suing the ACT over its handling of Brittany Higgins’ sexual assault claims.

In a statement he says he’s not interested in becoming a millionaire, but one day he wants to get on with his life and maybe buy a house.

He adds, .”…after what the prosecution has done to me, I may never work again”.

The findings from the inquiry into the way the ACT legal system dealt with Brittany Higgins’ rape allegation against her former colleague will be released next week.

But a number of media outlets received the report from the board of inquiry – headed by former Queensland judge Walter Sofronoff – without permission from or the knowledge of the territory government.

The government said that action, which led to widespread early reporting on the findings, had “affected the inquiry process and harmed people involved”.

ACT director of public prosecutions Shane Drumgold, who was reportedly criticised in the findings, said he had not received the report.

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