Light Rail Milestone This Weekend


Another milestone for Canberra’s light rail system…

This weekend is expected to see the project hitting 15 million total passengers on the system.

It comes as construction on Stage 2A is expected to start, once raising London Circuit is complete.

2A will see the line extended to Commonwealth Park.

According to Transport Minister Chris Steel:

The raising London Circuit work is progressing well, with the first temporary road and demolition of the southbound bridge over London Circuit fully complete,” said Minister Steel. 

Over the next year, Canberrans can expect to see our city centre change substantially with the upgrades better connecting the city and the lake whilst planning and design continues on the further Stage 2B to Woden. 

We’ve also started construction on the ‘green track’ prototype at the National Arboretum Canberra, where Canberrans will be able to see the design of grassed track areas through the city on the stage 2A line and the Light Rail Stage 2A project will benefit from their understanding of the prototype’s performance, and the necessary refinements to the current design.” 

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