New Rules From Today


It’s the first of January – and the first day of the year marks a series of changes that take effect across the A.C.T.

Single use shopping bags are banned from today – if they’re made FULLY or PARTIALLY of plastic.

There are some conditional exemptions – such as un-sealed bags, used to package perishable food like fruit or cooked poultry.

The Urban Forest Act comes into force today – to provide a stronger legal framework to protect, grow and manage Canberra’s trees.

From today, smaller licensed restaurants and cafes will be allowed to trade until 2am.

It includes a reduction in the liquor licensing fees for smaller restaurants, cafes, bars and general licences.

Today also marks the launch of Canberra’s new three-year-old preschool program, allowing families to access 300 hours of free preschool delivered by qualified Early Childhood Teachers. The scheme is conditional.

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