P-Plate Speeders Caught


Police have thrown the book at four speeding drivers in Canberra – three of them were P-Platers… following a variety of incidents at the weekend.

About 5pm on Saturday (23 September 2023) members from ACT Road Policing stopped a driver on the Monaro Highway who they witnessed driving in excessive speeds near Symonston. The driver was recorded driving 157km/h in a 100km/h zone.

Licence checks identified the woman as a provisional licence holder, and officers noted that she was not displaying P-Plates.

The driver was issued an Immediate Suspension Notice, which suspends their right to drive in the ACT for 90 days.

The 19-year-old was also issued an infringement notice for $1841, fined an additional $213 for not displaying P-plates and accrued 6 demerit points.

Later on Saturday night, officers from ACT Road Policing were conducting routine speed checks along Parks Way, Acton. Three cars were seen driving in convoy, with the last being a Ford Ranger towing another vehicle on a car trailer.

All three vehicles were detected driving at 128km/h along the registered 90km/h zone. Further licence checks also identified the two of the three drivers as provisional licence holders.

They were each issued an infringement Notice for $700 and accrued 4 demerit points which will suspend their licence for 90 days.

ACT Policing wants to take this opportunity to remind the community that speeding drivers involved in a collision could face serious charges, including negligent or culpable driving resulting in injury or death, and penalties of up to 14 years imprisonment.

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