Report on Childcare Services in Canberra


According to a fresh Productivity Commission report, the ACT has the most expensive childcare services and the least qualified early education workforce in the country.

The Report on Government Services also reveals Canberra has the most educated population.

A The median weekly cost of 50 hours of centre-based child care in the ACT has jumped to $643 per week.

This was $78 more than the national average and $20 per week more than parents were paying in 2021.

Tasmania had the cheapest childcare at $521 per week.

Figures also revealed, early childhood education and care staff in the ACT were the least qualified in the country as only 59.3 per cent had a relevant formal qualification, compared to 76 per cent nationally.

The ACT has the lowest proportion of childcare services that are meeting or exceeding the national quality standards, at 77.8 per cent of services compared to the national average of 87.5 per cent.

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