Unclean Jetstar Planes


How often is a Jetstar plane cleaned?

Not often enough it seems.

When you sit down on a plane,  you expect the environment around you to be cleaned up,  particularly in this day and age, right?


An obvious fail was found on Friday February 24th on a flight out of Canberra.

A boarding pass from a flight two days prior was found in the seat back.

A passenger boarded Jetstar plane (registered as VH-YXQ) from Adelaide to Melbourne on February 22nd.

According to FlightRadar24,  the pass remained in the seat back for the continuing services –

Melbourne to Sydney on the 23rd.

Sydney to Melbourne on the 23rd.

Melbourne to Canberra on the 23rd

Canberra to Melbourne on the 23rd

Melbourne to Hobart on the 23rd

Hobart to Melbourne on the 23rd

Melbourne to Darwin on the 23rd

Darwin to Melbourne on the 24th

Melbourne to Gold Coast on the 24th

Gold Coast to Canberra on the 24th

Canberra to Gold Coast on the 24th.

A well travelled boarding pass.

It was then removed by the author of this story to be disposed of thoughtfully.

After being told how clean their planes are post pandemic,  you sort of wonder why the plane didn’t receive a thorough cleaning in two days.


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