Virgin dethrones Qantas, Jetstar Last


VIRGIN comes out on top while JETSTAR returns to last place according to BITRE (Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics)

With more and more Virgin services in and out of the National Capital,  new figures have revealed the airline has become Australia’s most reliable major domestic carrier, dethroning Qantas.

For nearly two years (19 months to be factual) Virgin lagged behind the flying Kangaroo when it came to on-time departures, on-time arrivals and cancellations.

But not anymore. Virgin has recorded 82.1% on-time departures, 81.2% on-time arrivals and 1.7% cancellations for the month of April.

In a statement, C.E.O. Jayne Hrdlicka says the airline has been “Intensely focused on improving performance”. Figures for the month of April prove her words.

Qantas fell below with 79.9% on-time departures, 79% on-time arrivals and 2.3% cancellations across its Qantas and QantasLink network.

Virgin also beat Rex’s 80.7% on-time arrivals, however, on-time departures for REX came ahead of Virgin at 83.3% and cancellations at 1%

It was a very bad month for Jetstar which has been pushing its way into Canberra Airport.

Jetstar returned to last place with 72.7% on-time departures and 74.9% on-time arrivals.

However, it was slightly better than Qantas when it came to cancellations, coming in at 2.2%.

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