Will Qatar Ever Return to Canberra Airport?


Even-though moves are now underway to discuss unblocking additional Qatar Airways flights between Australia and Doha,  there’s still no word on whether the carrier will return to Canberra.

While the news headlines have screamed about the high cost of airfares – and the scandals involving Qantas – there’s been no further word on the fate of Qatar Airways move to restore flight services to the national capital.

The Federal Government’s move to block the carrier’s plan to expand services to Australia has been under the microscope at a Senate Inquiry.

The airline meantime, has been reminded – it STILL has the ability to fly into Canberra and two other Aussie gateways.

It’s understood, discussions will be held with Qatar over the Commonwealth’s flight block..- seen as the first steps to overturn the Federal Government’s earlier decision.

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