Community scheme plans to electrify Canberra homes


A growing community group is developing a pilot program with energy experts to fully electrify homes in a Canberra suburb.
Suburb Zero recently made its public launch supported by ACT Independent Senator David Pocock and renowned energy entrepreneur Saul Griffith.
The interest group is made up of volunteers who are working with the Australian National University and Saul Griffith’s organisation Rewiring Australia to develop a scheme to help homes become fully electric.
Starting in one suburb, early ideas for the program include subsidies for households that are willing to invest in battery storage, rooftop solar, electric stove tops, and other items.
Suburb Zero organiser Sarah Reid says they have received a lot of early support from the community for the project and hopes they will receive support by the federal and ACT governments
Saul Griffith, who has worked on similar programs in other states, says there are a range of benefits for speeding up the transition to electrification.
“The economic case for electrification is just too strong to deny at this point,” he says.
“At a time when we have a cost of living and climate crisis, this can be a politically popular thing for governments to do because it will help people smash their bills and solve our climate dilemma.”
Suburb Zero has set a target of attaining 10,000 signatures with its surveys by the end of the year.
They also aim to finalise a concept and attain funding by that time.

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