Jetstar Canberra Setback


There’s been a set back for Canberra when it comes to flights involving some Jetstar services.

In the recent words of one Jetstar media representative, who made the flippant remark,  “flight schedules change – it’s a normal practice”.

Last year, Jetstar increased its flights between Canberra and the Gold Coast to 5 days a week.

But a recent scan of the airline’s upcoming schedule, sees it reducing services to 4 days a week and sometimes just 3 with a very inconsistent frequency. –

No official reason’s been given for the reduction the airline’s media section does not like to publicise its decisions – even though it could help Canberrans in their decision making.

By comparison,  Virgin offers a daily service between the Gold Coast and the National Capital.

On occasion, it has offered  a second flight between the two cities on the one day, suggesting the market can sustain additional flights.

According to the Jetstar schedule, it’ll be December before Jetstar resumes a 5 day a week service.

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