JETSTAR hands passengers to VIRGIN


Jetstar is again turning its back Canberra based passengers.

While claiming to make in-rounds in the A.C.T. by taking over some services from QantasLink, Jetstar is limiting the amount of available seats on some sectors.

Police called to watch over stranded passengers after flight cancellation and reservations closed.

In one example – Virgin offers daily direct flights between Canberra and the Gold Coast – sometimes Virgin flights are twice daily.

A Jetstar spokesman has confirmed the airline, which only flies four days a week, does not intend to expand the Canberra service.

Last year, Qantas axed its daily direct flights.

Since Jetstar took over the route, services have been hampered by days of delays and cancellations, with poor recovery options leaving passengers frustrated.

Some of the problems include Jetstar staff telling customers to find new bookings on their toll free number, only to discover the system had shut down until the next day.

Passengers have also been told to cancel their bookings, leaving them without the usual airline protections that come with flight cancellations.

Confusion and a failed recovery procedure caused confusion at the airport,  leading to police supervising the crowd of angry passengers seeking guidance.

A Jetstar spokesman has confirmed the airline currently has no plans to win back customers by offering additional services.

“We have nothing to announce in terms of expanding our weekly frequencies on that route” according to the spokesman.

It’s being a seen as a major set back as Canberra Airport continues its attempts to boost domestic passenger numbers.

However, it’s a win for Virgin Airlines which remains solid in its commitment and services for local passengers at Canberra Airport.

Flights are usually full on each direct flight with an extra service needed on weekends to satisfy demand.




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