Link Airways Mishap Investigated


Canberra based LINK AIRWAYS has undertaken a variety of steps to avoid a repeat of an air emergency back in November 2022 on a flight to Sydney.

Details were unveiled as part of a video, released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, in the wake of the incident in which a propeller strap tore through a plane, injuring a passenger.

As part of the ATSB’s final report, one of the pilots failed to extend a safety line as part of the strap fixture process and that ground crew did not adhere to procedures which would have found the issue, prior to take off.

According to the ATSB’s SEB DARCY the flight crew was not told that the aircraft hull had been compromised.

“Link Airways has strengthened its procedures to help ensure the strap extension if fitted prior to flights, to help confirm that the strap is removed before departure and to provide more clarity on cabin crew contacting the flight deck during emergencies” he said.

The carrier will also audit the ground operations to ensure procedures are implemented.

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