New Police Emergency Alert System


ACT Policing has adopted the use of the Emergency Alert system, allowing police to better inform the Canberra community during an emergency incident.

The Emergency Alert is the national telephone warning system used by emergency services to send text messages to mobiles as well as voice messages to landlines and mobiles, within a defined geographic area about potential emergencies.

The Emergency Alert is already used locally by the ACT Emergency Services Agency, and was utilised during the 2019-20 Canberra bushfires.

Police may use this alert system for emergencies including high-risk missing persons, terrorist incidents, active shooter incidents, or Amber Alerts; the ACT Emergency Services Agency will continue to use the Emergency Alert system for incidents including fire, floods, or significant storms.

The warning system can send recorded voice messages to landline and mobile telephones, or text messages. The messages are delivered to a specific geo-spatial area defined by the emergency service organisation issuing the message.

An Emergency Alert will be sent by the number ‘0444 444 444’ – this is how you know a message is a genuine Emergency Alert.

ACT Policing is asking that Canberrans save this number in their phone as ‘Emergency Alert’ so they are not caught off-guard when an alert is issued.

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