No Supercars for Canberra


Chief Minister Andrew Barr has poured cold water on a proposal that would have brought a V8 Supercar race to Canberra – for the first time in more than two decades.

The ACT government had been considering a formal proposal to bring a leg of the V8 Supercar championship to the territory, using a circuit within Exhibition Park.

Mr Barr told a budget estimates hearing this week, he had recently signed off on a brief to confirm he would not support the progression of the proposal… saying the assessment didn’t stack up.

Mr Barr said the ACT would have needed to spend “tens of millions of dollars” to make the race work… with an investment in the infrastructure at Exhibition Park, that the Government was NOT in a position to make.

The proposal would have required a new multi-purpose building at Exhibition Park to house pit facilities and the relaying of internal roads with a polymer-rich asphalt mix.

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