Restrictions Extended As School Returns


The ACT Government has decided to keep low-level social health measures in place as the holiday period ends and kids return to the classroom.

It means density limits remain, and heath measures for businesses and indoor venues will continue.

All ACT school children return to face to face learning today, under the plan of the ACT Government.

A number of risk mitigation strategies have been put in place, including giving children free rapid antigen tests for the first few weeks of term.

The Education Department has been preparing for all possible scenarios.

Education Minister Yvette Berry says the first one would see classes merge.

“The second scenario would be looking where we can get relief teachers and how we can best support school principles,” Berry said.

“Also still be able to deliver a great education, but take into account we don’t want teachers to do more than they should, so that our kid’s education isn’t impacted.”

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