United Airlines Jet Remains in Canberra


An unusual site at Canberra Airport with a United Airlines jet staying overnight in the National capital.

The Boeing 787 was due to land in Sydney yesterday – as flight number UA839 on a flight from Los Angeles – but was diverted to Canberra due to storm activity.

Canberra airport media says it knew nothing about the problem… and couldn’t help as   “Diversions happen all the time – it’s nothing new”.

In a statement, United says 250 passengers from flight 839 were being re-accomodated…

many not until last night.

The Dreamliner jet is scheduled to leave Canberra at 2:30 this afternoon… to finally arrive in Sydney.

It’s also been revealed,  an American Airlines jet was also diverted to Canberra yesterday.

The Boeing 777 aircraft had also flown from Los Angeles.


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