Australia Day – 2024


More than 22-thousand migrants have been officially declared Australian citizens, at ceremonies around the country.

Here in Canberra, on the shores of lake burley griffin, the prime minister presided over the National Australia Day citizenship ceremony on Friday.

Migrants from all walks of life are now officially Australian citizens.

20-24 is a significant milestone – marking 75 years since the nation’s first ever citizenship ceremony at Albert hall, just a stone’s throw from where it was held on Friday.

The proceedings here were full of pomp and ceremony –

Anthony Albanese and Governor General David Hurley made their addresses, before a 21 gun salute and a military fly past.

Professors Georgina Long and Richard Scolyer have saved thousands of lives – by turning melanoma from an incurable disease into one that can be treated.

The two have been honoured as joint Australians of the year at ceremony in the nation’s capital.

They’ve also turned their focus to brain cancer, after Professor Scolyer received a terminal diagnosis.

The nation’s most successful Olympian has been named young Australian of the year.

 The title has been bestowed on swimmer Emma McKeon at a ceremony in Canberra.

 In 20-20, she became the second ever woman to win 7 medals in a single Olympics.

 McKeon says she wants to inspire other young people to go after their dreams:

A man credited with reviving the country’s palaeontology sector has been dubbed this year’s Local Hero, at the 20-24 Australian of the Year Awards.

David Elliott established a museum in the outback Queensland town of Winton, after stumbling across a fossil now recognised as Australia’s largest dinosaur.

Mr Elliott says he was mustering sheep on a dirt bike when he made the discovery in 19-99..

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