Jetstar’s Recovery Fails


We are very understanding when flights are delayed or cancelled for a variety of reasons.

Most airlines have recovery plans at the airport. But not Jetstar which could be why it’s been voted the worlds third most unpopular airline.

As a former airline staffer; I can see why.

Just look at recent examples involving flights out of Bali, Japan, Hawaii, Ho Chi Minh and even local domestic services such as Canberra.

The common complaint is that most often, few staff are voluntarily offering assistance. You are directed to its website.

You might also get directed to phone Jetstar’s Call Centre.   However,  if it’s after 10pm then there’s no chance of getting assistance until the next day. Too bad if you needed to travel on the 6am flight the next day. with another carrier. Most airport staff won’t help. Instead, they shrug their shoulders and tell you, you’ll just have to call the next day because “I don’t do that”.

Complaints about incidents involving international Jetstar flights lead the charge.

After a lack of communication from Jetstar at the airport, passengers revert to the media to seek help. Jetstar usually finally reacts to assist passengers after being publicly embarrassed. Particularly when it involves international flights.

It’s made worse when allegations arise of Jetstar staff laughing at the sitaution.

It’s the opinion of this report author, who has previous airline experience, Jetstar could avoid being red faced IF it returns to proper customer service at the airport.

Issues can be rectified on the spot, Not after days of continued frustration.  Such a move would then mean Jetstar won’t have the need to apologise or seek forgiveness from passengers.

One employee at Canberra airport told me he was leaving his job after witnessing the issues play out. He wished to remain anonymous.

Another employee has resisted this and has voluntarily rebooked cancelled passengers. This staffer wanted to help stranded passengers.

When contacted, a Jetstar spokesman refused to answer questions about whether the airlines needs to reconsider its recovery efforts. There was no response on a question of whether it’s Call Centre times should be extended.

However, a spokesman for Jetstar stated…..” These claims can always be made through easy and accessible digital platforms, such as our Live Chat or Contact Centre and even through our Social Media Channels….. ….our agents would create a case linked to your booking and your booking history, review each one and provide the right compensation for each case”.

“….Our cancellations policy is listed on our website as well as in our conditions of carriage, which is communicated to customers on emails to customers and bookings”.

This is exactly the opposite of the needs involving stranded passengers at the airport.

The door remains open for a proper response from Jetstar and whether proper airport assistance will eventually be considered with proper recovery efforts at the airport.

It’s not too late for Jetstar executives to realise the mistake in its current recovery policies and turn things around.

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